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Terms and Conditions

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Unaccompanied Children: When children attend classes unaccompanied by an adult DoMiSo insists on good behaviour in class. If a child is uncooperative, which is disruptive to the class, they will be given 3 warnings during class. If the behaviour does not improve the parent/guardian will be informed. If after 3 weeks (of the parent being informed) the behaviour still has not improved, the child will be asked to leave the class. In this case there will be NO refund of fees. The decision of DoMiSo management is final. Book’n’pay as you go glasses: These classes are book’n’pay as you go and are only €7.99 per class. These classes must be booked online. Please check my Facebook page regularly for unexpected updates. The following terms and conditions for these classes are reflected in the price and pay as you go facility. Please remember, where space is available, you can book your place minutes before class begins. 1.  Once you have booked a place it can NOT be refunded or rescheduled, however, if you are unable to attend your booked class you can gift your space to a friend. 2.  If the teacher needs to cancel a class for reasons out of their control, i.e. extreme weather, there will be NO refund and it will NOT be rescheduled. 3.  Please bring proof of payment to class. 4.  Siblings are welcome to attend a class but a ticket must be bought for them so I can include them in the class. However, if a sibling who is enrolled in another paid class, needs to sit in on occasion (i.e. school is closed) they do not need to pay to come – but please note point 6. Any sibling younger than 6 months and who is in a car seat does not have to pay. However, once the baby is out of their car seat a second ticket should be bought. 5.  In general I don’t mind if visiting adults (grandparents/ second parent/ much older siblings) like to observe the class, however, if the class is full only one adult per child will be able to attend. To guarantee a place fo the second adult, a second ticket should be bought. 6.  DoMiSo welcomes all children. Sometimes it can take some children a couple of weeks to settle into the class and in the meantime can be disruptive to the class. However, in my experience most children do settle after a couple of weeks due to the repetitive routine of the class. DoMiSo’s ethos is to support and encourage these parents in the class. 7.  All children must be accompanied. I have read and understand the above terms and conditions. If you have any questions about our terms and conditions please email us at info@domisomusicschool.ie.