The Stables, Christ Church, Delgany, Co. Wicklow

1.  Coming south bound on the N11 pass The Glen View hotel on your right, drive though the Glen of the Downs and take next left.

2.  At the bottom of the short slip road turn Left towards Delgany.

3.  Pass the Delgany Golf Club, drive through the village passing The Delgany Inn, The Wicklow Arms, a small petrol station and you come to Christchurch Delgany.

4.  After the church take a sharp turn left up a small lane way- please drive slowly.

5 . You will see the Stables on your left in the Church wall and the Old School House on your right.

Please read the following information carefully:


Please park in the parking provided by the Old School House and the Church. Please drive slowly and carefully. See carpark rules below.

Parents/Guardians are to drop and collect their child at the front door of the Stables.

Please keep the gate of the Stables closed at all times and make sure you close it after you.

Please ensure that your child does not run out on to the road.

Please drive with caution.

The child is the Parents’ or Guardians’ responsibility outside the Stables building. Please inform us of all adults who might collect your child. We will not let a child go with any adult who is unknown to us.  

Car Park Rules

We are extremely lucky to have a great car park available to us. However, it is hard for the church to monitor exactly who is using the car park and a huge amount of parishioner’s voluntary time keeps the car parks and grounds looking so well all the time. 

Please follow the following car park rules:

  • Please pick up a DoMiSo car park permit car sticker for anyone who might be dropping/collecting your child.
  1. Always drive slowly and carefully.
  2. Please walk with your children. NO RUNNING.
  3. Please be mindful to take home all litter (and perhaps pick up any you might see). 
  4. ONLY use this car park when attending DoMiSo (or other groups using the buildings.)
  6. Please leave quickly keeping chat to a minimum.
  7. Children are NOT allowed to play in the graveyard or climb on railings.

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