DoMiSo Music School

Terms and Conditions

Stage 1 Book and Pay As You Go

Please download and sign our Terms and Conditions


    1. Stage 1 Book and Pay As You Go The Stable classes are €10.75 per class.
    2. Once class is booked the fee is NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON-TRANSFERABLE.
    3. You can book multiple classes at one time however please remember fees are non-refundable.
    4. You may reschedule your class up to 24 hrs (not 12 hrs) before class starts.
    5. If you are unable to attend your scheduled class there is NO REFUND, however, you can gift the class to a friend.
    6. If, for unforeseen private reasons, I need to cancel a lesson, I will reschedule to the next available class on the same day and time.
    7. If, for unforeseen private reasons, I am unavailable to teach for a couple of weeks I will organise a sub teacher.
    8. If lessons are cancelled for reasons out of my control, for example, extreme weather conditions such as snow or pandemics such as covid-19, unfortunately lessons will be forfeited and there will be no refund. However, I will provide lessons online using something like Zoom if you wish to opt in and log on.
    9. All online classes are optional and if you log into a class you are automatically opting in.
    10. DoMiSo will follow guidelines on the best way to keep lessons secure and safe online, however, if parents opt in and log on to the class, they hold the responsibility for the safety of their child and must remain present for the online class.
    11. DoMiSo will have strict Covid-19 safety precautions in place. However, parents must be aware that there is a risk to contract covid 19 while at DoMiSo and DoMiSo will not be held responsible.
    12. I endeavour to keep my prices reasonable and classes are kept to no more than 10 children. For this reason, I unfortunately cannot offer a family discount.
    13. ALL correspondence will be done via DoMiSo WhatsApp group. 
    14. Class days and times are subject to change.
    15. ALL correspondence with DoMiSo management must be done politely and respectfully.
    16. The decision of DoMiSo management is final

If you have any questions about our terms and conditions please email us at info@domisomusicschool.ie

There are two fee options

Option 1:

€10.75 per class, book and pay as you go with a reschedule option up to 24 hrs (not 12 hrs) before class starts.

If you miss the window to reschedule you can gift your space to a friend who has not been to DoMiSo before. The friend needs to text me to let me know they are coming.

Option 2:

Register with DoMiSo and reserve your place for the year.

There is a once-off family Registration Fee of €55.

The fee for the year is €240 and your place is preserved for the year where space is available.

Classes run between September and May.

Fees cover 27 weeks, however 30 weeks will be scheduled giving me three family/sick days if needed.

One reschedule class change to continue for rest of year, where space is available.

For Stage 1 enrollments only, if you cannot  make a class you either forfeit the class or gift it to a friend who HAS NOT been to DoMiSo before. The friend needs to text me on 086 302 9665 to confirm their attendance.

Optional DoMiSo WhatsApp notice board for direct notifications and reminders is available.

Access to the ‘Early Bird’ deposit rate for the following year and given first refusal of classes before advertised publicly.

You can only sign up for this offer during term one (first 10 weeks) and fees will be adjusted.

Important: Please ensure non-participating siblings are brought in a car seat