DoMiSo Music School  2020 – 2021 Dates For Your Diary




DoMiSo Opens:   Saturday 12th September

DoMiSo opens with an extra Saturday (instead of May Bank Holiday)

Week 1: Monday 14th September

Fancy Dress Week (optional): Monday 19th – Friday 23rd October and Saturday 31st  October

October Mid-Term: Saturday October 24th – Friday October 30th

Re-Opens: Saturday 31st October

Christmas Holidays: Monday 21st December  – Tuesday 5th January



Re-Opens: Wednesday 6th January

DoMiSo reopens with an extra Wednesday on the 6th January (instead of St. Patrick’s day) and an extra Saturday on the 9th January (instead of the June Bank Holiday weekend)

February Mid-Term: Monday 15th February – Sunday 21st February

DoMiSo Closed: Wednesday 17th March

Deposits due for September 2021 by the 31st March 2021

Easter Holidays: Monday 29th March – Sunday 11th April

DoMiSo Closed: Saturday 1st May

Last Day of Term: Friday 28th May

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