Important Covid-19 Information

September 2020



I have put a plan together to re-open DoMiSo. This plan is to first ensure the safety of all children and adults but also to ensure that EVERYONE feels comfortable to attend class. We all must learn to move forward with our new normal. It is very daunting, especially if you have a vulnerable loved one at home, but I do believe if we all work together, we can move forward smoothly and start enjoying music together again. We all must take responsibility that all children and adults who attend class are in good health.


Classes will have a max of 6 children with adults OR 8 children in each class. The classes will be 30mins in length and will cover all practical work. Listening homework, recorded short lessons (instruments of the orchestra ect) and worksheets (age appropriate) will also be given. CLASSES WILL BE STRICT ON TIME KEEPING AND LATE ARRIVALS WILL NOT BE PERMITTED. Please arrive 5 mins early to ensure a smooth running and punctual start time. The class will end punctually to ensure the room can be aired, wiped clean and carpark clear before the next class. ONLY ADULTS ATTENDING THE CLASS CAN ENTER THE STABLES. There will be NO WAITING ROOM. 

In addition to the weekly class there will also be 3 weekly ZOOM classes: 1. KM A&B 2. KM C&D 3. L 1&2 – these classes are optional and will cover the same material of the classroom class that week. These classes are for anyone who is not comfortable attending class and for any child that is unwell and cannot attend their weekly class. However, I would encourage everyone to keep doing them. They will also be kept short and sweet!!


Just like all typical classes, some children take a lot of time to feel confident in class. This is the exact same for ZOOM classes. Some children loved it straight away others did not like it at all to start but I was amazed at how the confidence grew over the weeks and how we all got used to zoom classes. I would encourage you all to keep doing the weekly ZOOM classes along with the weekly class, so if, God forbid, we have another lock down, all the children will be used to the zoom classes and it will be a much smoother transition for them this time round. In the event of a further lockdown, classes will continue with zoom, with the same scheduled time/class to keep zoom classes small for more interaction. I will also do additional big group classes. I will try to persuade my kids to join in as much as possible, as lots of you commented on that your kids preferred the lessons when my kids joined in.


    1. Sign a declaration and contact tracing form and post in DoMiSo post box each week.
    2. Be encouraged to go to the loo before coming to DoMiSo where possible.
    3. Wait outside in a line, 2m apart, 5mins before class starts– no late arrivals permitted.
    4. Children are asked to wear a children’s face shield. 
    5. Adults MUST wear a face mask (no exceptions and please wear mask correctly).
    6. Hand sanitize on arrival and have their temperature checked.
    7. Sit with 1-2m distance between them- please do not move chairs.
    8. Use a hula hoop dancing circle.
    9. Bring their own small set of instruments to use in class in a small box to fit under their chair.
    10. Hand sanitize on the way out.
    11. Please ensure all children are collected punctually as there will be no waiting room.



  • Are unwell with flu-like symptoms, have a cough, shortness of breath or a temperature.
  • Have been out of the Republic of Ireland within the last 14 days.
  • Have been in contact with a suspected or confirmed case of Covid-19 in the last 14 days.
  • Are awaiting Covid-19 test results.