Welcome to DoMiSo Music School, Delgany.  Music Education in a Fun and Relaxed Environment!  


"The school is run exceptionally well. There is a lovely atmosphere and the kids all seem very comfortable and relaxed. By the end of the first year I could definitely see the confidence of the kids had increased."

− Sharon Daly

"We (the parents) really enjoyed the Christmas get together. It was a great way of getting involved. My child enjoyed having a go at the different instruments, seeing your cello and listening to you playing it."

− Julie Dannoux

"Participating in the music lessons has been a happy and positive experience for my child. The teachers are so kind and good to the children, they really respond to them."

− Michelle Barrett

"We are very happy with the class and have seen huge progress in our child and the class. We will be sending our younger daughter to the school and would recommend it to anyone."

− John Leahy

"My child loves her music classes and is becoming a real performer!"

− Sinead Plunkett

"Very well run! Lots of ideas for instilling a love of music from a young age! The atmosphere in the classes is always very comfortable and encouraging for the children. We really enjoyed it."

− Aoife Mc Nabb

"My child loves the class and although she appears very shy in class she always talks about it afterwards and loves singing all the songs."

− Catherine Carey

"Very good. Lovely atmosphere, friendly & relaxed."

− Valerie Laurence

Fun and Relaxed

DoMiSo is a fun and relaxed school and a great place to start music education whether you are doing it just for fun or you are looking for a long term plan of instrument learning and general music education. DoMiSo is the place to start! ALL our teachers are fully qualified musicians and teachers and all have a passion for music which they want to share with young children.

Specialised Approach

We have a very specialized approach to music education. The classes are fun, active and educational (for both child and parent), and instill a secure foundation for music education in young children.


Small Class Sizes

All our classes are age/class appropriate and children are learning with their peers. Class sizes are small with only 5-10 children in each class. We are committed to the students and monitor their development carefully with the long-term vision to equip the students with a skill that will keep them enjoying music for the rest of their lives!